Activities in and out Zarautz

Experience the Basque Culture

Apart from the Surf Experience that we offer we also like to get visitors involved in the local culture and beautiful surroundings, which are so close by but sometimes simply for not knowing where to go we offer that helping hand in an amazing experience of getting to know Basque Country’s finest!
Together with ‘Aupa Hi’ we have created a few experiences along the Basque Coast near San Sebastian and Zarautz.

Trekking Zarautz-Getaria

We will start the route from Zarautz, linking our way with a short stage of the North route of the ‘Camino de Santiago’. It is an easy and fun trail, between the Txakoli vineyards, bordering the coast by the slopes exposed to the sea, where whales were once guarded. The road leads us to Getaria, the birthplace of the Guipuzcoan Txakolí, where we take the opportunity to stop at one of the local wineries. While we tasting the wine, we will know the elaboration process accompanied by a tasting of local fish preserves. Before taking the bus to return to Zarautz, we only have to walk the streets and corners of the fishing village of Getaria, knowing their best stories.

Route & Details

Zarautz – North path Camino de Santiago – Watchtower of the ancient Basque whale hunters – Txakoli Winery – Getaria

Distance traveled: 7 km
Elevation accumulated: 250 meters
Type of terrain: Fixed stones (Roman road), earth and asphalt.
Approximate duration: 4-5 Hours (aprox. 2 hours walking)

Price & Inclusives

Per person from 35 €* Includes

  • Local Basque Guide
  • Visit to Txakoli winery with wine tasting and tasting of local fish preserves
  • Transfer from Getaria to Zarautz
  • Insurance (Liability and Accidents)

*minimum of 8 persons and maximum of 16 persons

San Sebastian Bike Tour & Gastronomies

We will ride by bike through the most endearing ‘Donostian’ corners, discovering part of its history and identity. It is the most fun and effective way to get to know many places of the city in a couple of hours.

In a typical Basque Gastronomic Society, located in the Old Part of San Sebastian, and in the company of a local chef you will be divided into different groups. Each group will go through different tables, each centered on a different ‘pintxo’. In them, you will find the necessary ingredients to elaborate one of the pintxos, but not the instructions … to experiment! Once you have made your creations, touch the tasting of the 3 pintxos, accompanied by local drink and followed by the distribution of awards. Let the fun begin!

Route & Details

Donostia/San Sebastián:
Bike ride through the most endearing corners.
Private gastronomic society located in the old part of town

Price & Inclusives

Per person from 45 €* Includes

  • Local Basque Guide
  • Bike & Tour
  • Pintxos elaboration contest in gastronomic society
  • Insurance (Liability and Accidents)

*minimum of 8 persons and maximum of 16 persons

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Yoga with Onura Zentroa

I am Naiara Urkizu, I have been teaching and practicing Yoga & Pilates since 2006. I am continually traveling to continue enriching my knowledge of yoga practice, inspiring myself and learning from the wisdom of my teachers.

In my classes we work on the asanas (postures) or HATHA YOGA, joined with the practice of VINYASA YOGA to increase body temperature and to be able to ‘open up’ your body with greater awareness.

Hatha & Vinyasa

The practice of HATHA YOGA helps us to consciously align the asanas (postures), with the help of various materials that help us to enter and breathe into the asana (posture) more easily. These conscious alignments serve us for the practice of VINYASA YOGA to be more aligned, since with vinyasa there is not much time to align the postures. In VINYASA practice, breathing and movement become one, carrying a continuous and conscious rhythm during vinyasa, which helps us raise body temperature so that we can open the body more easily, sometimes making it into postures that you would never have imagined.

The practice of Vinyasa, visually may seem like a dance, due to its continuous movement, fluid and harmonious, accompanied by breathing. The Vinyasa comes from Sun salutation, a very good way to open and energize the body. Dynamic movements of sun salutations have a powerful effect on openness, liberation of the body, empowerment of the mind and connection of all movements.

Yoga for You

The combination of HATHA & VINYASA is perfect for not damaging the body, giving you the time to listen and respect it, while on the other hand it is also exercising, relaxing and toning.

Yoga is appropriate for everyone, regardless of age or fitness. It is independent of one’s beliefs, because it is not a dogma or a religion, although it has common elements with some religious traditions. It could be said then that it is a psychological, philosophical and scientific system. Yoga helps us to focus, to strengthen the capacity for enjoyment and willpower, to regulate metabolic processes, to increase agility and elasticity, to detoxify the body, to revitalize each organ, to always be young. Health is in our hands, as well as happiness, joy and spiritual growth.

You can book the classes with Naiara during our Surf Camp Zarautz weeks from July1 to August 31.

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